The Beginning Of It All

How did I starting crocheting?

To start, I married the best man in the world.IMG_0639

After about one year of being married, I started to feel the wife-guilt. Here I was, living life with my incredible husband Chase (and his parents, who are the best in-laws ever- people are constantly amazed that we actually like living with them) in a beautiful house and working a fantastic new job at our church when I started to feel less than wife-ish. Let’s define wife-ish: a married woman who is good at cooking, painting, drawing, sewing, decorating, and writing, AND looks stylish while doing all of the above. I know now that no such person exists, but as a newlywed, I was just certain that I would never make it into the SWC (Superior Wives Club). Can anyone else relate?

Let me get my husband off the hook. Chase has never, not once, pressured me to be the stereotypical “homey housewife”. He could not care less about any of those things. (Nowdays, he would probably love it if I crocheted less!) My father-in-law enjoys cooking, so we eat really well, and our expanding bodies are the proof. So, what on earth was my problem? Two things—insecurity and the desire to achieve. Every woman (and man) has insecurity about something, and I felt that I was not as wife-ish as these other women on Pinterest and Etsy and Facebook. Obviously, that’s ridiculous. However, I also really, REALLY like to achieve things. I love setting goals and achieving them. That’s a good thing (in moderation, of course). So, with these two drives, I either had to find a healthy, creative outlet or be depressed about my perceived lack of awesomeness.

(Disclaimer–I am not saying that women have to be creative or crafty to be awesome. That would be stupid. I am  saying that I felt this deep-down, God-given desire to be creative and misunderstood it to be a wife failure.  Make sense?)

So now you know my why.  As my mom says, it’s a miracle! She knows that I am not artsy. I can’t cut a straight line to save my life, which is why I refuse to cut Chase’s hair. I tried my hand at sewing once—I made the brilliant insane decision to make aprons for my bridesmaids, and of course  they had to be full, three-tiered ruffled aprons. I must have been high on wedding fumes. Never again.

Crocheting and knitting snuck up on me as the two crafty options that I just might be able to do. Now, 8 months later, I am a full-on addict. (Not an expert, mind you.) Hobby Lobby is my playground. I belong to an online crochet and knit community. I buy more yarn than clothes, a fact that I love to remind my husband since it saves him money…unless there is a sale and I just HAVE to buy 10 skeins at one time.

You can crochet. No, really, you can. You just need three things—yarn, a hook, and patience. Sometimes a little Divine intervention too for when you have a giant yarn fiasco.

Welcome to my world. -Jenny

Our one year anniversary


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