Crochet Vs. Knit

When I first decided to get crafty, I asked my Facebook friends, “Which is easier—crocheting or knitting?” Of course, the answers were split down the middle.

I chose to knit, not because people told me it was easier, but because I know several people who are incredible crocheters (also known as hookers, but I am not comfortable calling them that, ha!) and I felt that I could never be as good as them. Good motivation really isn’t my strong suit, but I am working on it. I started knitting and then got curious about crocheting, so I decided to give the latter a try.

Eight months later, here is my opinion:

Everyone can crochet, and anyone can knit. It just depends on your amount of free time and the strength of your wrists. I can crochet all day, but knitting makes my wrists hurt after an hour or so. Knitting takes me a long time, but I can crochet a project in one setting (depending on the project, obviously). There are some projects that you should knit because they just look better and the same with crochet.

Give both a try. Knitting needles and crochet hooks are not expensive, so buy or borrow both and see what fits you best. Just a tip—the smaller the needle/hook, the more difficult it can be for beginners. You might want to go for a medium or large size, unless you want to be an overachiever and work out your frustrations right away.  Also, don’t try to complete a pattern at first. Learn the lingo (single crochet, half-double crochet, knit, purl, etc.) and practice each stitch until you are comfortable. I tried a Mary-Jane knit bootie for my first real project, back when I barely knew the difference between knit and purl. It was quite the ordeal.

baby shoe
his shoe looks innocent, but she was very mean to me.
Consequently, she now lives in my craft box without a matching friend.

Find what you love doing. I love crocheting, and I like knitting, so I do a lot of crocheting and a little bit of knitting (just to keep things spicy).



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