Favorite Hats

IMG_1221These are two of my favorite hat projects. I just had to share! Also, you get to meet Manchester, my in-laws’ dog and a very convenient model.

Monkey Hat

One of my favorite two year olds in the world has a birthday this month, and his favorite thing right now is Curious George. I thought that a monkey hat would be perfect. Hopefully, he won’t wear it out in this Texas heat and melt. There are plenty of monkey hats available, but this one caught my eye because it’s a happy monkey. Who wants a sad monkey hat? Not me. The pattern is free on Ravelry, and it’s pretty simple. Just remember to count your stitches, especially for the face.


Manchester is not a big fan on monkeys on his head.

Fishbowl Hat

I saw this hat on Pinterest, and I just had to make it. The hat itself is very simple–just a regular beanie with earflaps. The fish and the plant are easy too. It’s the buttons that were almost my undoing. I don’t enjoy sewing, and that applies to buttons. The buttons are the best part of the hat, though. You can’t have a fishbowl without pretty, shiny rocks. So, I persevered. One thousand buttons later (give or take a few), I finished. This size is the 0-6 months version. My mother-in-law said that this is her favorite project of mine so far, and I might agree with her.







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