Baby Boat Shoes

I thought I was going to make a baby football helmet today. However, I could not find my size G hook anywhere. I could have used a different hook, but when trying new patterns, I really like to stick to the suggested size.

So, I looked around Youtube for a while and tried a few patterns. NOTHING was working. It was frustrating, especially because I hate wasting time on Fridays (it’s my only large chunk of time to crochet during the week).

Ravelry came to my rescue. I searched “baby shoes” and found these incredible boat shoes. I love my Sperrys–they have sparkles because I have the feet of a 10 year old–and I really love baby Sperrys. Here is a great crochet version of baby boat shoes.

The pattern came from Whistle & Ivy. I used I Love This Yarn in old rose and a light tan color. They start out pretty tiny looking, but mine stretched out nicely after I put some tissue paper inside.




Every baby needs boat shoes, and this version is much more affordable than the real deal!



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