Baby Cocoons

IMG_1297 Baby cocoons are all the rage right now. I had never seen or heard of them until recently, but they seem to be a favorite prop of baby photographers. They are pretty adorable. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $80 on Etsy for one, but here are three versions that you can make for yourself.

Baby Shell Cocoon


This cocoon comes from Suzies Stuff. It has a fun shell pattern that, if followed exactly, will make quite a large cocoon (it says 3-9 months, but I am pretty sure it could fit a toddler). I folded the top over for the picture–it makes the cocoon seem a little less gigantic. I used Caron Simply Soft in bone color, and it took about one and a half skeins.


I also made a matching hat. You can add shells on the edge, but I prefer a cleaner line.

Baby Cocoon Basket


I know it looks like a basket, but if you put a baby in it, it’s pretty adorable. I used a pattern from Tots and Bottoms, where you can see an actual baby inside. I don’t have a baby to model, but I do have Francisco the Fancy Mouse.


I used a whole skein of Lion Brand Hometown USA Yarn in Los Angeles Tan. It sounds fancy, but you can get this chunky yarn at Walmart.  I followed the pattern but added several rows of single crochet at the end to use up the whole skein. It’s soft and thick and perfect for a snuggly baby.

Premie Cocoon


This cocoon pattern comes from Bellas Babies. The author makes things specifically for premie babies whose parents don’t have much in the way of money or baby things. Having spent some time in the NICU visiting my favorite quadruplets (shout out to my baby friends!), I know how tiny premies can be. They can’t even wear clothes until their skin is strong enough to tolerate the contact. I made this premie cocoon with I Love This Yarn in light sage. The color looks better in person, I think.  All premies need sweet little hats, so I made one too.

I think the most I spent on any of these cocoons was $7.  If the thought of making one is scary, just think of it as a really big hat. You  can do it!




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