Football Hats

Football season is almost here. It’s a pretty big deal, especially in my parents’ house where the Dallas Cowboys will always be God’s Team. My dad works on Sundays, so my mom watches the game first. If the game goes poorly, she will judge whether my dad should watch it (based on how upset the score might make him). If he does watch it, she watches it (again) with him. That is true love right there folks.

Here are some baby hats that are a must for any die-hard football fans…

Football Hat


This hat pattern, like several before, comes from Repeat Crafter Me. I love how clear her directions are, unlike some that leave me guessing and frustrated. I used I Love This Yarn in chocolate and ivory. This is definitely the easiest hat I have made so far. You can make a beanie if you prefer, or add the earflaps for the old-timey look. I left off the braids because they didn’t seem necessary to me. (Plus who ever saw a football player wearing pigtail braids?)


This might be one of my all-time favorite pictures of Manchester. He modeled the hat so happily (for once!). He also has the perfect 3-6 month size head.

Dallas Cowboys Crochet Helmet

I have been so excited to make this helmet. However, sometimes things don’t go your way. I had finished the helmet (minus the stars) and was laying in bed. I looked over and realized one stitch wasn’t connected to the rest. I tugged on it, and this was the result:


There was great weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The next day, I was determined to make the hat again, without mistakes this time.

The basic helmet pattern comes from Breezybot, a blog I found through Repeat Crafter Me. I used I Love This Yarn in navy, light gray, and white.  I had to adjust the pattern a little to make it a Cowboy’s helmet. It is worked in two pieces (each side) and joined in the middle. I added the white stripe because it just wouldn’t be a Cowboy’s helmet without it.  My favorite part might be the chinstrap. It makes it so real! Then came the star. I couldn’t find a star pattern that I liked, so I made  one (my very first pattern!). I will post it in my next entry. Click here for the star. For now, here are some pictures of the complete helmet.









We may have gone a little nuts. Doesn’t Manchester look like a #1 draft pick?



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