Plarn Project

Confession: I am not a very green person, unless you count buying clothes at resale shops as “recycling” (shout-out Clothes Mentor). I don’t drive an electric car, and I don’t use those reusable shopping totes. I never litter, though, and I always try to return stranded shopping carts to their corral. I do try to be a considerate person.

Thanks  to having four adults in one house, we have a pretty hefty collection of plastic shopping bags. Many spend their second lives as doggy-duty bags (courtesy of Manchester’s highly functioning digestive system) or trash bags. Does that count as recycling?
Anyway, I had no idea that plastic bags could contribute to crocheting and knitting, but they can! There is a whole world called plarn, aka plastic yarn, where people make yarn out of plastic bags and then create things.

There are actually quite a few plarn patterns out there, but I went with my trusty resource Repeat Crafter Me. She also teaches you how to make the plarn (essentially you fold the bag twice, cut off the ends, and make small strips). It isn’t hard at all, just a little big time consuming if you want a big ball of plarn.

What is more fun than a bag made out of other bags? (Puppies is an acceptable answer). I used plastic bags from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Tom Thumb, and a few random bags from gas stations. For the bottom piece, I alternated one Walmart bag, then one Hobby Lobby bag. When I ran out of Hobby Lobby bags, I just used whatever I grabbed next. I think I used about 40 bags, but I honestly stopped counting after a while. You can use as many as you would like, depending on how large you want your project to be. Here is the finished product:


I think it’s pretty fun 🙂


I am not sure how much weight it can hold. The bag is fairly stretchy, and it is perfect for holding yarn. I think Manchester would be a bit on the heavy side, so he was off the hook for this project. (Do you see what I did there–I made a crochet joke!)


You can make many different things with plarn–really, you can make anything that you would with regular yarn. I might advise against anything that you would wear (such as shoes or a scarf). Plastic bags are not the softest material, and if you sweat, that might feel icky. For a reusable shopping bag though, plarn is the perfect material.



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