Baby Girl Minion

I went four days without crocheting this past week. FOUR DAYS! The world could have ended. Sometimes being an adult is difficult because you have to do adult things like go car shopping and clean out your closet. By the time you can relax, you just want to lay in bed and watch Family Feud. I am pleased to report, though, that we now have a  new car, and my closet is once again color-coded and organized.

I had a request several weeks ago to make a baby girl minion hat. Everyone loves minions! (My husband may love them less than some people, though.) I actually had a minion hat pattern just waiting to be used, so it was perfect timing. I used I Love This Yarn in yellow, pink, white, black, and light gray.


I made each eye first, then the hat. I connected the eyes to the hat and then to each other (in the middle) to give the appearance of goggles. Since she is a girl minion, she obviously had to have a bow.

The eyes are a little bit gigantic. I even went down 2 hook sizes (the original eyes covered the entire face). My favorite part is the smile–I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but it is a tiny bit lopsided (like a real minion smile). Also, she has a tuft of black hair on her head, though you probably cannot tell because it is too dark.

Unfortunately, there is no picture of Manchester modeling this hat. The recipient is a baby who is still in the womb (due in a week or so), and I felt that it would not be the best choice to get any possible germs on it. Manchester sends his love.






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