Girl Beanie

I sat down with one of my library crochet books to make an adorable little ballet sweater (the kind that wraps around and ties in the back). It was supposed to look something like this:

(photo courtesy of red

Unfortunately, the pattern did not work out. It was very unclear and, honestly, poorly written. Sometimes, you can figure out a pattern as you go, but other times, it’s better to just not waste your time.

I moved onto a new pattern (same book) for a little girl’s beanie. I used I Love This Yarn in old rose and an E/4 hook. It’s a fairly simple pattern, starting with a magic circle and consisting mainly of dc’s. For the border, there is a crab stitch (backward single crochet).


There are things about this hat that I really like and things that make me want to throw it away. I have a bad habit of second-guessing patterns, and I made myself follow this pattern word for word. I really like the crab stitches on the border–they are a nice change from the normal single crochet or slip stitch.

I do NOT like how each row is joined. Normally, I join each round to the first actual stitch of the round, but this pattern said to join at the chain 3. This is the result–obvious holes in every row. It just looks tacky.

Finally, the pattern called for a rose to attach to the front. I don’t know who wrote this pattern, but she may have been high when she wrote the flower part. It does not work! Instead, I used a mayapple flower pattern. I am  happy enough with it.

Overall, this was a good learning experience. Not all patterns are worth my time, and it’s okay to trust my instincts.



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