Baby Cowboy Hat

I live in Texas, the land of boots and cowboy hats. (Not really, but that is what many people expect when they visit or move here). What would be more appropriate than a crocheted baby cowboy hat? The problem was not finding a pattern but rather finding a free pattern. I have yet to ever pay for a pattern–it just seems silly when there are so many free options.

I finally found a free cowboy hat pattern, thanks to KatiDCreations. I used I Love This Yarn in light taupe. You need 2 skeins because you use 2 strands together (it helps give the hat some bulk). The first time I made this hat, I did not follow the directions exactly–I joined each round. I like to do that because it helps me keep my place if I get distracted. The hat is supposed to be made in one continuous circle, though, so I tried that the second time. It actually turned out better when I followed the directions (shocking!) and even a little bigger.

This is the first hat:

This is the second hat:
IMG_1418  IMG_1423

And this is Manchester modeling the first hat as a fedora and then a cowboy hat:



I cannot get over his smile. Or how adorable he looks as a cowboy.



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