Fox Coffee Sleeve

When I first started working at my church, I was the youngest person in the office. Then they hired a new assistant named Kristen and put her in the cubicle next time. That may or may not have been the most productive move because Kristen and I quickly realized that we share a love of animals, corny jokes, and youtube videos. We have the BEST time sending each other animal memes, such as:




You would know that the other had received your picture/video because the office’s quiet would suddenly be broken with giggles (quickly joined by more giggles from the sender). Then one day I moved to the annex. I was most sad to not sit by my friend anymore. We probably get more work done, but it isn’t nearly as fun 🙂

Kristen loves foxes. Not just in the “they’re cute” way but in the “I want to own one for a pet and I look up breeders online” way. She also loves coffee. I decided to make my friend a fox sleeve so that she can enjoy two of her favorite things together.


The pattern came from Chaos & Love, a blog I found through Pinterest. For my colors, I used I Love This Yarn toasted almond, terra cotta, cream, and black. The sleeve itself is worked and then the fox appliqué is made in two pieces. Very simple (unless you accidentally cut into the head while trimming your yarn and have to redo the whole thing).


I thought it was called a “cozy” but apparently it’s a koozie? Either way, it’s a sweet, easy project to let someone know you are glad they are your friend.




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