Baby Shells Pullover

Hobby Lobby is a sneaky devil.  Somehow I always leave with more yarn that I planned on buying (or need, let’s be honest). I generally stick with I Love This Yarn, but I do like to look at all the other yarns to see what is on sale. I Love This Cotton was on sale, and I couldn’t resist the soft goodness.

(This is what I had leftover at the end.)

It took me a while to decide what to make with my new yarn. Then I found a pattern I have been saving for a sweet baby pullover, which can be found here (thanks Ravelry!). I used two and a half skeins of I Love This Cotton in monkey red twist. The pullover is supposed to fit a 3-6 month old, but you will see that it would have to be a rather large baby 🙂


This is an up-close view of the shells that make up the body of the pullover.

This is the back. It is supposed to have a large keyhole opening with a bobble fastener, but I didn’t like the way it looked. Little ones can be rough with their clothes, and I didn’t want the fastener to fall apart. Instead, I sewed the sides together for a cleaner look.


I love how soft this pullover is. The neckline is extra wide, perfect for pulling over a little one’s head. I would definitely recommend wearing a onesie or snug t-shirt beneath for extra warmth.

Manchester sends his love. Have a great weekend!



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