Baby Hats with Bows

Clearance yarn at Hobby Lobby is the stuff that no one wants. It’s either itchy or ugly (sometimes both), and it’s obvious that the store just wants to get rid of it. Even with this knowledge, I can’t help but look through it every time, hoping that I find a sweet deal. My perseverance finally paid off! I found several skeins of I Love This Cotton, each for $1.97.  Some of the colors are not exactly cute but not exactly ugly either. Surely I can find a good use for them 🙂

Cotton yarn is perfect for baby hats. Babies need their heads covered in soft goodness. And bows (if they are lady babies). I used I Love This Cotton in Amethyst to make these two hats:

Bow Beanie

I found this sweet little beanie on Pinterest, thanks to Charmed By Ewe. It was the perfect chance to use my new cotton yarn, including one questionable color called Limedot (the accent color). I think it actually works well with the purple. I made this in the newborn size, and it worked up quickly. The bow is my favorite part!

The hat can be worn with the bow wherever you would like. The rounds are joined invisibly, so there is no awkward seam that needs to be hidden.

IMG_1599 IMG_1600
Manchester was not feeling well for this photo shoot.

Slouchy Bow Hat

This hat also came to me from Pinterest, thanks to Petite Purls. To get the full effect, you really need to click on the link and see her adorable model wearing the hat. I made this in the 0-3 month size, but I would love it in any size. Like the other hat, this can be worn with the bow centered in the front or on either side. It is soft and slouchy and altogether perfect.



(BTW, Manchester did make a full recovery the next day.  He may or may not have been faking).



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