Snow Queen Hat

I love Frozen as much as the rest of America. When I had a scary medical procedure, I pumped myself up by belting out “Let It Go” as I drove. (It actually kind of helped.) What could be better than incorporating a Frozen-based theme into yarn? My favorite blogger, Repeat Crafter Me, never fails to deliver, and she has shared a Snow Queen hat pattern. It is incredibly easy and adorable and perfect for a quick Friday night project.


I used I love This Yarn in white and turquoise. I also bought the same snowflakes suggested in the blog. They are very sparkly and love to share their sparkles where they land (aka everywhere). I made the small tiara because I followed the 3-6 month hat pattern.

Presenting Manchester the Snow Dog: IMG_1630

(This is where he got into it).

(This is where he got sassy).

(This is where he got snuggles).



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