Nemo Hat

I have been branching out a little and trying new things (like the Death Star pillow) in order to expand my skills. I am working on a baby blanket that is probably going to take several months, largely because I keep getting distracted and working on other projects. However, my first crochet love is baby hats. Every baby needs a fun hat, and what could be more fun than Nemo?

This pattern came to me from Pinterest, thanks to this blog. I Love This Yarn did not have the right orange color, so I had to try out to this brand:


It feels pretty similar to Red Heart (aka not so soft), but sometimes you just can’t be a snob. I used the “Are We There Yet”  orange as well as black and white from I Love This Yarn.

The hat itself is simple. The tricky part is all the extras. You have 5 fins, two stripes, and two eyes that all have to be arranged. I set everything out first to make sure it looked right.

I started by folding the hat in half (as shown above) and attaching the eyes. Then, I attached the tail fin, the dorsal fin, and the top fin.  The stripes were not my friends. They did not want to stay where they were put. Finally, I added the side fins, and it was finished!




I think Manchester has learned that if he sits still, the torture ends sooner.


If you are a beginner, you might wait a few hats before trying this one. Nothing about each piece is difficult but placing the pieces can take a little while. Be patient, and you will have an adorable hat!



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