Manchester’s Sweater

Auntie Jenny has been busy! I am working on Baby D’s first crochet present, and it is definitely a work of love. It is my first entirely original pattern, complete with a graph I made myself (with help from my husband and father-in-law). Thankfully, baby love isn’t due to April, so I have a while to get things perfect.

Yesterday, I was home sick with a sinus infection, which led to the inevitable steroid shot. Booty shots are the worst! However, it did give me a chance to finally feel better AND to finish my doggie sweater for Manchester!

Manchester is not your typical Yorkie. He’s a chunk. I measured his belly, and it is 20.5 inches around–if you opened him up, I guarantee you would find greenies and cheese. He loves his cheese.


I had a bit of a hard time finding a sweater pattern to fit this little man. I needed something that was big enough for the belly but not too long for his back and short legs. I finally came across this pattern by Red Heart. I used the medium size, except for joining the underbody–he needed the large (9 stitches). For my yarn, I was able to use my bargain bin I Love This Cotton in Christmas Print II (1 and a third skeins). I used a J Hook instead of an I just to give him a little more room.

I did have several fittings, which Manchester did not enjoy. However, by the end, he had an adorable sweater fitted just for him! I may have taken a few pictures…







I would love to make the collar a turtle neck, but I think the cardigan-type collar makes him feel a bit less constricted. The only thing that drives me a little batty is the visible seam on the back. All things to keep in mind for next time.

Have a great day, and go vote!


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