Baby Snowman

I am officially grounded. Not from my phone or from Netflix (Chase has declared Gilmore Girls to be “literally the worst show ever”). Not even from yarn, although that has been attempted multiple times. I am grounded from buying Baby D anymore clothes. I don’t see what the problem is. He may have an ever-growing space in my closet, but isn’t that what a good auntie is for?

For now, I just have to content myself with making adorable baby things, like this snowman set. The cold came fast and hard this year, although now Texas seems to be rethinking this whole winter weather thing. In the spirit of all things freezing and cold, I found this precious hat and cocoon on my favorite site, Repeat Crafter Me.  I did have to branch out from my second home (Hobby Lobby) and go to Michaels. It was rough–their online coupons are much harder to access and their wifi is terribly slow.

I did, however, try (and love) the recommended yarn from the pattern–Loops and Threads Charisma. It is perfect for this project. Just make sure you get 2 skeins–I didn’t and had to go back for more the next day. You can use pretty much any regular yarn for the accent colors (red, black, and orange).

Here is the hat in the 0-3 months size. I love his earmuffs. They are stuffed with fiberfill, but you could also use yarn scraps. The placement of his eyes, nose, and mouth are entirely up to you. I actually attached everything and then decided the pieces were too far off-center. I ripped everything off and started again.

This cocoon is the newborn size. With my first skein of white, I finished the hat and 10 rows of the cocoon. I still have about 1/2 a skein left over from the second. I used 1/2 inch buttons, but really, you can use whatever size you would like.

Precious. If Baby D was a winter baby, this would have his name all over it. I don’t think April counts as winter, though.

**As always, any project with loose strings or buttons can be potentially hazardous to children. Please keep a close eye on your little snowperson and make sure all accessories are firmly secured.**

I leave you with this creepy picture.



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