Penn State Blanket

I can finally share my secret project with you!



This blanket has occupied an enormous amount of my thoughts and time for the past several months. Though not your traditional baby blanket, I thought it would be perfect for my nephew who is due in April. My brother-in-law is a very proud Penn State student, and Baby D will grow up with lots of Penn State paraphernalia. What could be better than his own, one-of-a-kind blanket?

I made my own pattern, and I am extremely proud of it! It took me many hours of searching fonts, drawing and erasing, and measuring each stitch. I do not have a written version of the patten, but if you ever want to make your own pattern, check out this blog. It gave me everything I needed to get started.

I used I Love This Yarn in navy blue (4 skeins) and white (2 skeins) with an H hook and single crochet stitches. I also used a LOT of graph paper and pencils–the pattern went through at least 5 revisions.

Now for pictures!

Sketching the pattern for the first time

Chase helping with the sketching

Translating a picture into a graph

About to make the first stitches


Almost done, thanks to Manchester’s faithful support

We did it!

Manchester is very attached.


We presented the blanket to my brother-in-law at his birthday party, and I think it’s safe to say that it was his favorite present (or at least I choose to believe that). I can’t wait to see Baby D playing on it.

Special thanks to my in-laws for the use of their dining room table that may have been commandeered every night. Most of all, thanks to my precious husband who a) offered excellent advice about the placement of stitches and shape of letters and b) gave tireless support and encouragement. Chase is the only reason this project was completed and not burned at the stake. I love him.




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