Penn State Lovey

In this new year, I have discovered a new love–Zesty Salsa Wheat Thins. They are delicious. I have also discovered the joy of light-up crochet hooks. Finally, I can crochet in the dark! (and my husband says Hallelujah!)

light ups
(picture courtesy of Crochet Boutique)

They have an very different feel from your metal hooks, so it does take some getting used to. Also, they generally run a size or so bigger than the metal hooks. I suggest getting all the sizes just to be safe 🙂

Baby love (aka nephew due in April) is still getting all of my crochet love (minus one adorable blanket for a friend at work). I wanted to make him a lovey, and I wanted it to be Penn State themed. For the blanket, I found this pattern on Ravelry, thanks to Lisa van Klaveren. I used I Love This Yarn in navy and white, and my G light up hook.

Then came the tricky part. I wanted the animal head to be a Penn State Nittany Lion, which looks like this…


Not your average puppy or kitty. Trial and error took me for a few rounds of failure, but finally I succeed! Here is the end result:


I used safety eyes and a safety nose to make it child-friendly. I also made sure that the mouth and ears were very tightly attached.



I was worried that it looked more like a bat than a nittany lion, but Chase assured me that it was not too creepy. He was even willing to pose for a rare picture.



Next up, I am working on an all cotton blanket for Baby Love because he obviously needs one for his car seat.  Stay tuned!



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