Pineapple Doily

Snow days are the best for trying new projects. I picked up some crochet thread a few weeks ago to go with my tiny new steel hooks. I have learned that in crocheting, as in knitting, smaller = harder. I want to expand my repertoire (which I spelled right on the first try!), and what is more classic than crochet doilies?

I looked all over Pinterest to find a simple pattern, and I finally landed on Pretty Pineapples. I used a 7/1.65 mm steel hook to go with my white #5 crochet thread. The pattern took me three days to finish, probably because snow days require multiple naps. Then came the gross part. Did you know that doilies aren’t naturally flat and stiff? Nope, they start out soft and wrinkly. I had to make my own starch solution (which was disgusting), with some big help from my mother-in-law who did the actual dipping and wringing out part. Then we ironed out the moisture, and this is the final product:


It’s not perfect, but it does make me feel accomplished and a tad grandmotherly.

Now, I think it’s time for another nap.



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