Baby Shells Blanket

It’s Friday, and I need a nap.

I started this blanket what seems to be forever ago, before we knew that Baby Nephew Love was even on his way. I worked it on here and there, between projects, and sometimes didn’t touch it for weeks. Originally the blanket was going to go to my nephew, but the pattern is a little too frilly for a boy (in my opinion). I decided to keep it for whenever I have a little tiny baby love of my own….so, it may not get used for a good while 🙂

The pattern comes from Craftfoxes, thanks to Pinterest. I used almost five skeins of Bernant Softee Baby yarn in mint green and an I-9 hook (which feels GIGANTIC after using tiny hooks for doilies). The pattern was easy to follow, or so I thought until a few minutes before writing this blog. I definitely misread the border instructions, and my blanket is a rectangle, not a square. Ugh! It still looks fine, except one long side is a tad bit longer than the other. Oh well, mistakes happen.

Up-close view of the textureblanket 1

Someone did not want his face shownblanket2

It was hard to get a good picture of the entire blanket-this is one attempt
blanket 3

It folds up nicely.
blanket 4

The blanket is definitely not perfect, but it is super snuggly and soft! Manchester may have tried to steal it…

Have a wonderful weekend!


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