Baby Deer Cocoon

Baby stuff really is the most fun to make.

A friend at work is expecting her first grandchild, and the nursery is going to have a forest theme with deer and antlers. She asked if I could possibly make a hooded cocoon with antlers. At first, I thought “No way! A cocoon with a hood?!” Then I realized that I have conquered way tougher projects, and I set out to find the perfect pattern. I finally found this pattern from Red Heart. It’s for a baby bear, but the basic shape is perfect. For the ears and antlers, I went to my trusty Repeat Crafter Me.  She never fails me.

You can use whatever brown color you like, but I went with I Love This Yarn in toasted almond. I also used plain white for the insides of the ears and tail, the spots, and the antlers. (Here’s a secret–the tail is the same exact pattern at the ears.) Chase helped me make the antlers stand up, with the assistance of some expertly used white pipe cleaners. The cocoon is made to fit approximately 3 months.

Here is the front:


And here is the back!

The tail and spots are my favorite 🙂IMG_2073

Have a wonderful night!


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