Froggie Slippers

Sometimes I struggle to find patterns that I like, but other times I find those that say “Hello, I’m adorable! Please make me!” This is one such project.

These froggie slippers come from Hopeful Honey, a new-to-me blog with lots of cute projects. I used Crafter’s Secret lime green and small amounts of white, black, and bright pink. The shoes work up really easily; however, be sure to count your stitches! The placement of the eyes and cheeks gave the perfectionist in me some trouble. I like everything to be matchy-matchy, but each shoe has its own personality.




I enlisted Chase to help me force encourage Manchester to be my model. These pictures capture the chaos:

IMG_2088       IMG_2089

IMG_2090       IMG_2092

IMG_2093       IMG_2094

IMG_2095 Manchester has left the building.

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!



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