Baby Girl Jacket and Pants

When I showed my in-laws my latest project, my father-in-law exclaimed “Decker can’t wear that!”

I may be a boy-auntie now, but I still love ruffles and ribbons. Plus there are SO many more options for girls when it comes to crochet clothes. I found the sweetest baby girl outfit pattern on Pinterest, thanks to (click here for pattern). It consists of a jacket and pants (and hat that I didn’t make) that just scream “I’m a pretty little lady!” I used I Love This Yarn in pink and white. The pink is an in-your-face bubblegum-bright pink color–I think I would have preferred a more muted, vintage-looking color, but it’s what I had. You can’t be picky when you start a project at 9:30 at night.

The pattern called for 4 mm and 4.5 mm hooks, which I don’t have. I improvised and used 3.75mm and 4.25mm hooks instead. I searched through my button box and found 3 sweet little flower buttons. For the pants, I used leftover 1/4 in. white satin ribbon. Basically, I scrounged through my craft supplies, which are many, and found everything I needed. (Although I did have to made a trip for more pink yarn–otherwise, it would have been a sleeveless jacket).






I know it’s the wrong season. No reasonable baby would wear this in Texas at the start of summer. However, sometimes a pattern is unreasonably cute, and you just can’t resist.



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