Christening Dress

I am in love with this dress. I really need a baby girl to wear it (hint hint Chase).

This precious dress came to me courtesy of Pinterest and MomsLoveOfCrochet. I began working on it at the hospital as we waited for my sweet nephew to be born. How is Decker? So glad you asked! He is the most perfect baby ever. I just want to squish him and hold him and snuggle him all day long. But, back to business. I ran out of yarn because Decker was taking so long, and it was a few days before I could get to the store. I worked on it off and on for the next few weeks, and I finally put the finishing touches on it today.

Here is what I used:
-almost 4 skeins of I Love This Cotton in white
-D hook
-3 buttons (3/8 in.)
-1/4 in. white satin ribbon

Here it is!



I can’t wait to have my own precious little girl wear it at her dedication someday.



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