Baby Tutu Dress

I recently joined a private crochet Facebook group. Now my newsfeed is FULL of amazing projects that I must try. It is taking over my life. For real.

I am not a fan of regular Red Heart yarn (too stiff and itchy), but I LOVE their Sassy Boutique fabric yarn. They make the most adorable tutus! I used the pink polka dot one for a Minnie Mouse outfit:


I have had my eye on some cream lace fabric yarn for a while. It’s generally pretty pricey, but it finally went on sale at Hobby Lobby! So exciting. I had the perfect pattern too–Baby Crochet Tutu by Positively Lace.

I usually don’t use yarn with metallic threads because I don’t want to run the risk of itchiness.  This time I made an exception. I bought I Love This yarn in cream and gold (cream yarn with gold thread) because it is just too pretty. I didn’t have an actual live model for sizing, so I used some charts on Pinterest with basic baby measurements. Looking back, I probably should have made it bigger. This version would probably fit a regular size doll or a tiny preemie baby.


Unfortunately, the camera does not capture the gold thread very well. The lace skirt is definitely the best (and softest) part. The pattern calls for a corset back with ribbon. I was too lazy, though, so I just sewed up the back with the yarn.

Manchester refused to look at the camera.

I am not totally thrilled with the final product. Next time, I might change the straps from yarn to fabric–this would add softness and support. I would also definitely make the skirt looser. Diapers can be bulky, and we don’t need any babies going commando.

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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