Coffee Coaster

We have been working out 4-5 times a week, and even though I have lost 0 pounds (ugh), my arms are so much stronger!

strong arms
(photo courtesy of google)

If you actually thought that photo was me, bless you. It definitely isn’t. But someday!

I have made a bunch of CUTE things lately, but they are presents and sharing them would spoil the surprise! I am also in the middle of two major blanket projects that are taking over my life. Here’s a preview:




Sometimes you just want to start and complete a project in one sitting. Fortunately, Repeat Crafter Me just posted the perfect pattern: Coffee Coasters! Super fun, easy, and a great way to use left-over yarn! I used I Love This Yarn in moss green and dark brown.

coffee coaster       IMG_2530

You could use lighter brown for hot chocolate or even tea. So many possibilities!

Hopefully next month I will have at least one blanket to share with you. I’m so grateful my husband is patient. A lesser man may have grounded me from yarn by now.



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