Animal Alphabet Blanket

This post has been months in the works. And it almost never happened.

In March, I started making some crochet animal appliqués that I found on Repeat Crafter Me. They were so adorable and fairly easy to make. Each one represented a letter of the alphabet too!

This was my first group

Here’s everyone together!

They all needed a home, so I started on the blanket. The even moss stitch, which can be found here, is easy to learn, but be warned! It is a total yarn hog. I think I used 3 and a half skeins of ivory in I Love This Yarn.

I almost gave up. Did I really want this project? Couldn’t the animals just live happily in my storage bin? Good thing that my number one strength is Achiever (shout out to Strengths Finder).

Once I had the blanket over halfway finished, I laid everything out.

This sight was a little overwhelming.

I started at the bottom right corner with Mr. Zebra. For letters, I used the awesome alphabet pattern by Handy Kitty that I found on Pinterest.


From there, I worked toward the left.


I was averaging one animal and letter a day because the perfectionist in me was out of control. I finally had to accept that it was going to be adorable even if the letter was a stitch or two out of place.

Things started moving more quickly. As my animal rows reached the top, I added more blanket rows until FINALLY I had finished the animals and the even moss stitches. I wanted to shout HALLELUJAH and run through the house waving my hands. My family might not have appreciated that, though, so I started on the border. I used the same main colors from my blanket. Today I came home and finished the last border row. It needs some blocking, but that can wait.

The first picture of the finished project!IMG_2580

And another…

Manchester gives his full approval, and you know how picky he can be…IMG_2585



Someday it decorate the wall of a mini-Morgan; however, that is a whole different project 🙂



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