Tutu and Legwarmers

I promised I haven’t stopped crocheting.

Quite the opposite actually. We bought our first house (yayayayay!), and I immediately created a crochet corner. Finally, one single space for my yarn and hooks to call home. Nothing fancy, but I think it’s pretty amazing.

I also learned how to crochet c2c, thanks to this tutorial. This may have been a really bad decision because I have now started two massive projects that have to be completed by Christmas.  One of them is a present, so I can’t show that. The other is just for me, so here’s a little peek!



I had a baby shower to attend on Saturday and absolutely no time to shop. Fortunately, the baby is going to be a girl, and I had all the right materials to make the perfect baby girl present–a tutu and leg warmers!

For the tutu, I used my favorite pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. It’s quick, easy, and so fun! My materials were I Love This Yarn in ivory,  Red Heart Boutique Sassy Lace Yarn in vanilla, and four ivory buttons. I used an H hook, but I don’t think hook size is crucial.

For the leg warmers, I used the same ivory yarn and buttons (two buttons per leg). I tried several patterns before landing on this gem! I also used this size chart since I didn’t have a model. It took one time of frogging to figure out that following the pattern always works better than me trying to go rogue!

Here’s the tutu! It’s totally adjustable because there are no buttonholes–you just attach where you want!

Here are the leg warmers! I feel like they are SO much cuter in person–my photography skills need a little work. Adding the buttons was my idea for a little extra cuteness.


The mom-to-be loved them! I love being able to whip something up that blesses a new (or old…experienced) momma and her baby.

Stay tuned for updates on my giant projects. I am really hoping to be done with one soon!

Love, Jenny


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