Christmas Character Blanket


I started this project on August 20th and finished it today, almost 3 months later. I can’t even begin to calculate the hours or the amount of yarn that have gone into it, but it was so worth it.

Huge thank you to Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me (the genius behind most of the projects I find) for presenting this idea and providing most of the graphs. Thanks also to the ladies of the Repeat Crafter Me crochet group for their encouragement and helpful hints! And most of all, thank you to my long suffering husband who has kept me from losing my mind (for the most part, anyway).

When I started this, I didn’t even know how to do c2c–now I have a queen size quilt that weighs about 15 pounds (no joke!) and will be handed down to all the future Morgan littles. Don’t get excited, though; that future is still far away.

The start of the very first square…

The first square is complete! Hello Santa…IMG_2623

So many color changes…

Hello Christmas Tree…

Frosty The Snowman…

Manchester thinks this is his blanket…IMG_2696

My favorite square of the blanket…

After spending a couple hours on the border this morning, it is finally finished.

It is so big! It fits our queen size bed perfectly.IMG_2848

Messy room but happy heart….IMG_2852


So glad it’s over, and so glad that it actually looks good! Now to get some sleep before family pictures tomorrow. Sweet dreams everyone!

Love, Jenny



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